HISTORY – Previous Owners

PATTIE II – 1924-1930? Name given to the new boat by the first owner, R. E. Patterson

1924 –  Built for R.E. Patterson, Esq. (of the New Haven Shipyard in West Haven, CT) by the Portland Yacht Yard in Portland, CT across the Connecticut River from Middletown. The name at christening was PATTIE II. The original power was supplied by a 200 hp, Van Blerck Model E-8 Special motor that cost $2420 (Malone wrote ‘it was an orphan engine and hard to get parts for’).

Homeport, New Haven Yacht Club, 8 Cove St, Morris Cove, New Haven, CT.

NISCA II – in approximately 1930, William J. Malone, Esq., second owner, renamed NISCA II, an Ojibwa (Indian) word for ‘goose’.

1930’s – purchased by William J. Malone, Esq. of Bristol, CT (exact date unknown). The name changed to NISCA II and re-powered (letter, 1942 W. J. Malone-C.O. Anderson) with a “STERLING, 200 hp motor”. Sterling produced an FS model but it was rated not a 200hp but “Sterling listed a Model FS as a T-head 6 cylinder rated at 135- 145 hp”

Homeport continued to be the New Haven Yacht Club.

1940’s – sold by W. J. Malone to Dell King, proprietor of a Cadillac and Pontiac Dealership, New Haven, Connecticut.

Homeport assumed to be still at the New Haven Yacht Club.

1940-62 – ownership changes without a specific date from Dell King to Carl O. Anderson, 54 Elm Street, Hartford, CT.

Homeport rumored to be the Middletown Yacht Club, first in Portland, CT, and now moved and renamed the Middlesex Yacht Club, Chester, CT.

1962 – NISCA II issued Documentation Number 289020, Carl O. Anderson.

1976 – NISCA II sold to Robert E. Drew, 5/4/76, for $1 & OVC (other valuable considerations).

Homeport not listed but rumored to have been in New London, CT

1977 – NISCA II sold to William S. Renehan, 4/14/77, for $1 & OVC.

Homeport said to be New London, CT

1979 – NISCA II sold to George Edwards, Jr. for $1 OVC.

Homeport not listed, possibly Shaws Cove, New London, CT.

1982-1989 – NISCA II was sold to Chris Kyle, the date of sale and amount are unknown. The Vessel Documentation fails to report a Bill of Sale from George Edwards to Chris Kyle. Chris only registered NISCA in Connecticut, Reg. CT 9540AJ. NISCA II remained in Lyme, Connecticut after she was trucked to Miami, FL, for a year in an effort to sell her but no sale emerged and NISCA II returned to Hamburg Cove. Suffering from a ‘permanent’ leak, she was hauled and put into the south shed at Reynolds Garage & Marine.

1989 – NISCA II was purchased for $12,000 from Chris Kyle by her present owner, Frederick ‘Ted’ Crosby. The restoration began in the spring of 1989 at Tucker Reynold’s boat shed on Spring St., Deep River, CT.

Under restoration for five years, NISCA returned to the waters of the Connecticut River in 1994 at Deep River Marina with a new keel, stem, one hundred new ribs, new floor timbers, engine mounts, new planking below the waterline, a new deck and teak deck house, mahogany transom planking, and a new Isuzu, diesel, MTC3, 6 cylinder motor, electrical, navigation, plumbing and refrigeration systems.

Sept. 17, 1990 the Certificate of Documentation was deleted due to failure to renew or surrender, but Document #289020 has since been restored.

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